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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Comparison Of The Planets

A comparison of all the planets in the solar system, along with some of the moons. Note how Pluto resembles all the other planets, while all the moons resemble each other. Vesta is an asteroid.


The Jilting Of Superman

SHOWCASE was a title DC used to introduce new comic books. This particular issue was a tryout for Lois Lane. The comic book became a regular series with the title SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE, as on this cover. The cover date on this issue is Sept. Oct. 1957. The production of these comics goes back to when THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN was in it's original run, so they can be seen as being related to that program. And the character of Lois Lane as portrayed in these comics can be seen as being related to Noel Neill, who was playing Lois Lane on that series.

The cover as well as the story here have art by Wayne Boring. The artist best known for having worked on this series was Kurt Schaffenberger.

For some reason Superman is always trying to teach Lois Lane a lesson in these stories. This time someone else suggests it, but it's still the same routine.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Clark Kent, Fighting Federal Agent

This time the emphasis is on Clark Kent, who is being a "Fighting Federal Agent".  I believe there was another story where Clark Kent was a G-Man, but I don't remember where that was. Clark Kent is shown using a gun in this story, although he doesn't actually shoot anyone. Superman uses a gun more than once in the comics, something that I don't think Captain Marvel ever did.

Lois Lane's breasts are emphasized by the shading, which could be a problem for people like Grossman.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Wayne Boring Original Art

Superman vs. Zha-Vam, from ACTION COMICS #351


Cartoon Album

This album was given out to promote cartoons in the 1930's.

From the Terrytoons group on facebook.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"The Chorus Girl!" - SUZIE #50

Suzie is another dumb blonde character like Irma, but actually predated her in the comics. This particular story was published in 1945 and has art by Al Fagaly. The character of "Mr. Goldwater" is named for John Goldwater, one of the three founders of the MLJ comics company.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Lois Lane And The Lion

Lois Lane and Superman appeared in a different version of  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in the August 1958 issue of ACTION COMICS. The story also involves Circe, one of a number of characters from pagan mythology that turned up in Superman's adventures. Circe was supposed to have turned men into animals, and in this story she's the one that's responsible for Superman turning into a beast. But Superman perseveres, and by his super-efforts he manages to triumph in the end.

From the Wayne Boring Fans group on facebook.

The television program of the 1950's had an unfortunate tendency to focus on Jimmy Olsen, a character from the radio show who was not in the original comics. I like it that the focus is more on Lois Lane in this story.

Lois Lane is unable to cure him, which could be because Superman stories tended to give the impression of scientific plausibility. Superman's dilemma must be solved by rational means rather than a device from the world of fantasy. 

Superman managed to solve the problem by scientific means. That must mean that he really wanted to kiss Lois Lane after all, since there was no reason to try that again in order to effect a cure