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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's To A Great End To The Year!


Puss An Boots, Blunder Bunny - FUNNY FILMS #4

FUNNY FILMS was an animated cartoon - style comic book published by the American Comics Group.


As the story begins, we see little kids watching this cartoon in a theater to remind us that this story is supposed to be an animated cartoon type of story.





 This adventure ends, as it began, in a theater in front of an audience.



 This one has Blunder Bunny making a personal appearance at the theater where his cartoons are supposedly shown.
Arthur Godfrey and Milton Berle were stars on early television.

Cowboy star Gene Autry makes a personal appearance as well.
The notorious Joe Stalin used to be the leader of communist Russia. 

 There was a lot of wrestling on early television.



 The Waldorf is a famous hotel in New York. But that ain't the Waldorf they're in in the last panel.


 This time someone in the audience becomes involved in the story by casting a shadow on the screen while the cartoon is being projected.








And so Blunder Bunny ends up in jail again.


Monday, December 30, 2013


More Marmaduke.






"Sinistro, Boy Fiend" - CHARLTON PREMIERE

A superhero parody from CHARLTON PREMIERE.


 The main characters in this story seem to be different versions of Archie, Betty, Reggie, and Jughead from Archie comics, but "Jack Biceps" is a reference to "Jack
Armstrong", an old radio show. "Sinistro" sounds very much like "Green Lantern's" foe "Sinestro", and the character is a "Boy Fiend" instead of being the blonde's boyfriend.

In Archie comics, Jughead was preoccupied with food, but that was more or less normal stuff like hamburgers and ice cream.


 The name "Shirlee" is vaguely similar to "Betty".



 "The Peacemaker" and "the Blue Beetle" are Charlton Comics characters and identified by name. The other superheroes belong to other companies. "Captain USA" is like a different version of "Captain America" and "the Green Spider" is like a different version of "Green Lantern" and "Spiderman".


 "Superguy" is like a different version of "Superman".


 The mother looks like "Josie" of  "Pussycats" fame - same hair, and same ribbon.
 "Mosa Dosa" is a different version of "La Cosa Nostra", which is another name for the Mafia.

 "Irish Hymie Schultz" is alike another version of "Dutch Schultz", a prohibition era gangster.

 "I dood it!" was one of Red Skelton's lines when he was being "The Mean Widdle Kid".

 The airplane belongs to Charlton's "Peacemaker".




 "Up, up, and away!" comes from the old Superman radio show.

 "Shuuzoom" is a variation of "Shazam", the magic word that "Billy Batson" used to transform into "Captain Marvel".



The story in Archie comics was that Betty was supposed to be in love with Archie, but that Archie tended to ignore her and act like he preferred Veronica.

The girl in this story is drawn with the same hairdo they used to have on Betty in Archie comics, which was also the same hairdo that Stella Stevens had in the movie THE NUTTY PROFESSOR.

You also see the same hairdo on other girls in comics, and it does seem to be related to Stella Stevens having worn that hairdo in that movie.