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Monday, December 16, 2013

Blunder Bunny, Puss An Boots - FUNNY FILMS #1

FUNNY FILMS was similar to other animated cartoon-type comic books, but the characters in these stories were all made up for the comics. Here are a few stories from the first issue with "Puss An Boots" and "Blunder Bunny". Art is by Dan Gordon.

The cover refers to the stories as "Movies" because the are meant to be like cartoons. 

The first panel in this story shows you that it's supposed to be taking place in a cartoon being run in a theater.












 Sometimes in old cartoons you'd see where they depicted a woman without showing her face. Evidently it was because some of the animators thought it was difficult to draw women. And some of those guys weren't really very good artists, but they knew how to animate.









American Comics Group:



Dan Gordon:


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