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Monday, December 23, 2013

An Obamacare Xmas, Pt. II

An Obamacare Xmas, continued:

“Still, signups were sluggish. They had to be faster,
Or else my new law would be a disaster.
I needed young people, the healthiest kind,
To pay for the rest. They’re politically blind!“
To subsidize old people across the nation,
We’re going to plunder the next generation.
It seemed so simple till the young folk got annoyed
They’re paying more taxes, but still unemployed.
“So, in an effort to make sure enrollments don’t plummet,
I decided it was high time to hold a youth summit.
‘You’re healthy right now, you young people,” I said.
‘But who knows? Tomorrow you all could be dead!

“‘To buy health insurance is your civic duty.
It’s a great deal, I promise. It’s really a beauty.’
But youngsters can tell when a salesman is lying.
They’re not signing up. They’re simply not buying.
“Affordable health care? It sure sounded nice.
Until people discovered the increase in price.
The premiums soared. There was something amiss.
Befuddled consumers cried “I can’t afford this!”
“People aren’t signing up and the website’s still broken.
The polling is in and the people have spoken.
They don’t like the law, and they’re upset with me.
They don’t like broken promises, apparently.”
Obama turned from the window with a sigh and a frown.
Kathleen shrugged her shoulders and said, “Don’t be down.
You got your law passed, with your trademark audacity.
Who cares if the website is filled to capacity?
“The law is in place, and they’ll have to submit.
So chin up! Shoulders back! We will win bit by bit.”


Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/20/an-obamacare-christmas/#ixzz2oE6Jc9y2


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