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Friday, July 31, 2015

Miss Hepzibah Takes A Trip

No, THIS is Miss Hepzibah Takes A Trip.

But that's only one panel, so we'll put in another. Here's one of the prehistoric monsters that's on the alien planet in this version, the place is full is full of them.

The prehistoric monster is killed and eaten by one of the dinosaurs,

and with the end of the secret menace who was the true cause of all the trouble, the other inhabitants destroy his evil propaganda leaflets and live happily ever after.


"Miss Hepzibah Takes A Trip!" - ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN #173

ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN was the earliest continuously published horror comic book. This particular story is from one of the later issues. The story was probably written by editor Richard Hughes under one of his many pen names. Art is credited to Sal Trapani.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fearless Fosdick Meets The Atom Bum

FEARLESS FOSSDICK was a comic strip within a comic strip. It ran on and off for years in Al Capp's LI'L ABNER as a strip that was read by that character.

FEARLESS FOSDICK was a parody of DICK TRACY, but Fosdick himself was modeled after actor Jack Holt, famous for his movie tough-guy roles.

Today's exciting episode, featuring the Atom Bum,  is from a 1956 reprint book FEARLESS FOSDICK...HIS LIFE AND DEATHS.

 Copyright © 1956 Simon and Schuster

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Jack Holt:


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"A Thousand Years Later... " - STRANGE TALES #90

Another story from the same issue by Steve Ditko.

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"Orrgo" - STRANGE TALES #90

STRANGE TALES had a lot of monster stories in this period. A lot of them were done by Jack Kirby. This time he doesn't even seem to have gotten credit, but then, Marvel never did give him enough credit for everything.

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