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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jean Dean, Superman, And The Space Age

Jean Dean was one of a number of forties actresses who eventually appeared on the television program THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, which starred George Reeves. 

 The story in "The Star Of Fate" concerned a mysterious ancient Egyptian jewel box which sparked a bidding war between two men. Jean played "Alma", the secretary of one of the bidders, who ended up with the box by holding a gun on the other bidder. After being warned not to open the box, Jean peeks inside and collapses, 

to be followed by Lois Lane later in the episode.

Ultimately Superman is able to save all those who have been poisoned by flying to Egypt to get the antidote, the "pyramid plant", which grows at the base of the great pyramid.

 Jean Dean is also connected to the previous "Superman", Kirk Alyn, who portrayed the man of steel in the serials. The two appeared together in the serial RADAR PATROL VS. SPY KING, which was made in 1949, between the two Superman serials.

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VOODOO TIGER featured another hero from the comics, Jungle Jim.
Sam Katzman ( left ) was also the producer of the Superman serials.

Jean Dean in the center.
Like Phyllis Coates, Jean Dean worked with the Bowery Boys.

 Huntz Hall at center.

Although Jean Dean never became a big star, there was another aspect of her career that granted her another kind of immortality.
Jean Dean modeled for Vaga, who was one of the most famous pin-up artists of his day.
 She replaced his wife ( who had been his original model ), and was his favorite model of the early forties.
 The finished painting.
Another Varga pinup.

 Jean Dean's likeness was later reused by "Virgin Atlantic Airlines".

The "Virgin Galactic" logo is a variation of the Virgin Atlantic logo.

 And so in a way, Jean Dean is still with us today, and is part of the space age.

Watch "The Star Of Fate".

Jean Dean:




Jean Dean and Vargas:


Jungle Jim series:



  1. Hi Benny,
    Can you read the print on the Vargas image from Esquire, June 1942? It looks like "Painting by..." and "Verse by..."?

    Is there some symbolism to the Virgin Atlantic image? It looks like she's ripped off a corner of the Union Jack, or perhaps she has the whole Union Jack plus a portion of another flag.

  2. The Varga picture that I used came from http://brendasbabes.blogspot.com/2007/10/victory-for-soldier.html . The title was "Victory for a soldier", but I couldn't read the rest of the print.