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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Puss An Boots, Blunder Bunny - FUNNY FILMS #4

FUNNY FILMS was an animated cartoon - style comic book published by the American Comics Group.


As the story begins, we see little kids watching this cartoon in a theater to remind us that this story is supposed to be an animated cartoon type of story.





 This adventure ends, as it began, in a theater in front of an audience.



 This one has Blunder Bunny making a personal appearance at the theater where his cartoons are supposedly shown.
Arthur Godfrey and Milton Berle were stars on early television.

Cowboy star Gene Autry makes a personal appearance as well.
The notorious Joe Stalin used to be the leader of communist Russia. 

 There was a lot of wrestling on early television.



 The Waldorf is a famous hotel in New York. But that ain't the Waldorf they're in in the last panel.


 This time someone in the audience becomes involved in the story by casting a shadow on the screen while the cartoon is being projected.








And so Blunder Bunny ends up in jail again.


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