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Saturday, December 21, 2013

PHANTOM LADY #1 - Ajax / Farrell

The PHANTOM LADY comic book had a long and tangled history that went through several different publishers. This version, published by Ajax / Farrell,  put more clothes on her because of the comics code.












I thought the scene where the Phantom Lady knocked some of that guy's teeth out was sort of unpleasant. Of course, he was one of the bad guys and it was completely justified in the context of the story.

Phantom Lady:



  1. Hi Benny,
    I'm guessing both these stories came from AC's Golden-Age Men of Mystery #11 (1998), otherwise "Satan's Seal" would have the original title "Cold War at a Boiling Point". That story was a re-working of a August 1944 story from Spitfire Comics #132. The GCD indexes the title-less original by its first line of text: "Here's another mirthless product". The villain was updated from a Nazi to a Soviet agent.

  2. Thanks, Darci. I found these stories on the "Comic Book Plus" site, most of the Phantom Lady comics I've seen were on the internet. You see a lot of similarities in different comic book stories and in real life the Nazis and communists had some similarities. They were supposed to be on the same side in World War II until Hitler attacked Russia.