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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Connie Hines

Connie Hines is best known for appearing on the television series MR. ED. But though she is well known for that, it wasn't really the best thing she could possibly have been in.

They didn't even have Connie Hines on this show very much, and didn't act like she was an important part of the series. For some reason, her bra size was sometimes mentioned as if it was a joke.

A great deal of emphasis was placed on the neighbors, who didn't have to be that important on the show. Certainly they should have been less important than Connie Hines if she was supposed to be a costar.
And the main human character of the show was a man who was supposed to be married to Connie Hines, but usually ignored her and spent most of his time out in the barn with the horse, away from her and everyone else. And sometimes even when he's supposed to be in a roomful of other people, there's nobody else in the shots with him and it doesn't really look like he's in a roomful of other people. He could still be out in the barn with the horse and just imagining that other people are there.
MR. ED also was not a wholesome program that was suitable for kids, although that was the pretense. It tends to be perverted.  
But I like Connie Hines.




I can't say I like the rest of the show. For me, Connie Hines would be the only reason to watch it.
But there is much more to the career of Connie Hines. She appeared on other television programs
as well as making movies.


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  1. Connie Hines is pretty good in the Bronco episode "Game At The Beacon Club" from season 2.