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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Tv's Lois Lane

"Meet Tv's Lois Lane" originally appeared in the Lois Lane comic book in 1963.


This World War II Pinup was one of the most popular of it's time.
Another pinup.
Noel Neill on the left in MOTHER WORE TIGHTS.

She sometimes had brief scenes in big movies. One that she said people would talk about was AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.

As Lois Lane in the first Superman serial.

Superman resues Lois


Lois Lane knocks out one of the bad guys herself.

With George Reeves on the television version

In a different costume in TOMB OF ZARAHAN
Noel Neill At Caped Wonder:
 How to end this blog? I have it. Let it go out with a bang!

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