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Friday, February 1, 2013

Superman Meets Li'l Abner

Superman meets Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae, and Al Capp as well in this story, which originally appeared in ACTION COMICS #55.

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Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae appear here much as they did in their own comics, which were drawn by Al Capp at the time. That's actually a pretty good Al Capp in the story. Al Capp actually drew himself into his comics at times. The redhead could be Rita Hayworth, but it's not clear*: she's really another version of Lois Lane more than anything else. Usually the girls in Superman stories all appeared very similar, something that was also true of the other comic books of the period.

Superman comics had unofficial crossovers with other comics at other times. "The Case Of The Funny Paper Crimes" had several villians from other comics invading the real world, to be followed by the heroes of the same comics, who eventually defeated them. The other heroes included Prince Valient, Dick Tracy, The Lone Ranger, Flash Gordon and Popeye under different names.

* Dale thought Romana Romance was Ann Sheridan, the "Oomph" girl of the movies, because she's described by another sound "Whee-yew".

Li'l Abner:

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  1. I know it didn't happen very often at all, but wasn't this only the second time Superman used his "face-twisting" powers? I think I have the other story in one of the Superman Chronicles, but I've never seen this story before. It was hilarious! :)

    I hope DC gets around to reprinting this story in one of the Chronicles soon, before too many of the Golden Age Superman's fans die off. :( These tales ARE gold! :)

    Thanks for this post, Benny! :)