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Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Captain Marvel And the Temple Of Itzalotahui" - WHIZ COMICS #22

Billy "Whitey" Benedict, who played a character in THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL, was used afterwards as a character in the comic book. He makes his first appearance in this story, which refers to the serial as a movie that the characters made.











The Comic Book Plus site had this to say about this story:
"Apparently the first time regular Captain Marvel artist C. C. Beck is credited with writing as well as drawing the story, and he does an outstanding job. This is the first Captain Marvel story that has no real villain in it, and yet it's still entertaining. Whitey and Dr. Malcolm transfer from the famous 1941 Captain Marvel serial to the comics this story, despite the fact that Malcolm was killed off at the end of the serial. It's explained that Billy met them while working on "the Captain Marvel movie". Whitey already seems to know that Billy Batson is Captain Marvel. Another thing that makes this story a standout is the remarkably enlightened attitude for its time when Billy, Whitey, and Malcolm decided not to exploit the jungle natives. There's even a sweet little interracial romance between Whitey and a Mayan girl."

 Comic Book Plus states that the pencils were by C.C. Beck and that inking was by Pete Costanza. Pete Constanza drew girls that looked like that for years afterwards; you would see them in his work for The American Comics Group.

The Indian girl can be seen as similar to the girl in the first Doc Savage story, but in neither story is there much of a romance.


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