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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Spider And The Black Widow

The Shadow's girlfriend was Margo Lane. The Spider's girlfriend was Nita Van Sloan. Actually Nita Van Sloan was more important in the pulps than Margo Lane was. In The Spider's stories, Nita Van Sloan was in the thick of his adventures, frequently fighting alongside him and sometimes even taking his place as The Spider when he was incapacitated.

And in "Spider And The Slaves Of Hell" ( July 1939 ) she even invented her own separate heroic identity - Black Widow!

This Black Widow predated the villianess of the Republic serial of 1947,

and the Marvel character that was introduced in 1964,

but each would have been considered a remarkable woman and might have been said to have been a "master of men", as The Spider was. And each made for some entertaining adventures in a variety of different media.

Two different serial were made with two different actresses in the part of Nita Van Sloan.

Iris Meredith costarred with Warren Hull as Nita Van Sloan and The Spider in THE SPIDER'S WEB.


Mary Ainslee essayed the role of Nita Van Sloan in the sequel, THE SPIDER RETURNS.

Nita Van Sloan:


Iris Meredith:


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