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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obama Editorial

A rebuttal from Kevin Sorbo's page on facebook.

I was sent this bit of history from a fan. Found it interesting. Love to hear your thoughts:
It's truly amazing, Obama sees no connection between the Islamic terrorists and their atrocities committed all in the name of Islam and the religion of Islam, yet he is quick to connect the crusades to the Christian religion and leaves out the same atrocities committed by Muslims during the time of the crusades as well. Atrocities they have committed since the religion began. They ...have not just started their crusade, they have always been on a crusade.
While making a historical reference to events that happened many centuries ago , this amateur historian with his radical leftist agenda leaves out how Muslims have conquered one of the centers of Christianity, Constantinople and changed it into Istanbul and turned one of the most magnificent Churches into a Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and conquered most of Eastern Europe only to be stopped twice in front of the gates of Vienna.
Muslims conquered more then two thirds of the Spanish Peninsula and held it for 700 years. In all of these conquests these Muslims
committed the most brutal of atrocities. Rape, beheadings and the burning of innocent men, woman and children all being done in the name of Islam.
But in his historical reference Obama would leave out what Muslims have done to Christians and Jews since Mohammed, a rapist and murderer commenced this, so called religion.
These events would of course eclipse the crusades in size, and historical consequence. A little historical fact Obama forgot to mention.
He sees this as the right time for his official response to the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot.
This is a direct window into Obamas radical brain.


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