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Friday, September 11, 2015

Hepzibah's Dream

Here is a Hepzibah story that you will like.

It started out with Hepzibah at home in her hideout, when suddenly there came a knocking at the door, except that it was really a pounding at the hole in the wall where someone had broken in.
 It was none other than the prehistoric monster from another planet, who claimed to have gotten there by breaking a hole in the continuum.

He declared that he alone had a right to her habitation, and moreover claimed to be a knight in shining armor, and that he alone could crusade upon whatever crusade needed to be embarked upon.

But he proved not to be a knight in shining armor at all, eating both candy and flowers rather than give them to the damsel of this tale. Something must be done, the turtle thought, but then another monster arrived.

It was a dragon, breathing fire but claiming to be from China nonetheless, accompanied not only by Bombazine but an even more racist stereotype, a pig meant to make the Chinese people look bad.

The little girl ( who seemed to be a dream form of the skunk, for this could be naught but a dream ) stood her ground and declared that she would let neither man nor beast could invade her domain so long as she was the rightful owner.
Then spoke up the Possum:

And instantly the dragon slew him, which ended the matter as he was the source of the extremist propaganda which had incited the dragon and the two people of other races to protest to begin with.

There was not enough of him left afterward to fill a bucket, nor even to feed the three blind mice who had taken no part in the matter as they had been unable to read any of his propaganda leaflets.

And Hepzibah lived happily ever after.


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