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Saturday, August 27, 2016


The Ghost is a superhero magician, sort of like Mandrake or Chandu. This adventure involves a time machine, dinosaurs, runty little martian men, and a tall, scantily clad martian blonde, in addition to a fantastic new source of power sought after by both the US government and Nazi spies. The story, by Editor Richard Hughes, can be seen as similar to many of this other stories. The hero and heroine face peril together to ultimately triumph in the end, much as Fighting Yank and his girlfriend did in those stories. Art is credited to Ed Wexler.

Gravity is less on Mars, so the effect of increased strength mentioned in this story would be due to gravity, not something in the atmosphere. The effect of reduced gravity on Mars had been mentioned in Burrough's John Carter stories and a difference in gravity was also used as an explanation for Superman's strength.

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