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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pogo Problems, Or, The Umbrage Not Taken


In the beginning, Walt Kelly's POGO featured a small black boy named Bombazine along with funny animals in a series of adventures set in a southern swamp. I'm aware that there have been some complaints about Bombazine that seem to be related to the character's appearance. Some people don't like the way he looked, which was about the way artists were drawing black people at the time. But it's clear from the comics that Kelly liked this character. Bombazine is also similar to Pogo, and it seems that Walt Kelly identified with Pogo.

I've also noticed that Walt Kelly did not usually depict characters that represented women favorably, most female characters being old, ugly or of no importance. Upsy Daisy is different. But this would be the character's only appearance.  From ANIMAL COMICS #9 ( 1944 ).

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