The Ominous Octopus

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Editorial Cartoon


  1. Wow! So, they captured and tried the OTHER traitors, right? You know: Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the rest of 'em, right? We're all safe now? ;)

  2. Gernot, READ the inscription on the cartoon: it says "It should happen-arrest made inBengazi Failure."

    We are talking about the inexcusably inept and cowardly behaviour of the commander-in-Chief in FAILING to take action during the Libyan Terrorist's occupation of an American property in Libya. Several times the tropops were willing to go in and he commanded them to stay down. Eventually the GENERAL said "This is not right, we are going in and ignoring Obama's orders" At which point Obama relieved the General of his duty. And then the Americans were slain as a direct result of Obama's orders.

    Note the date of the attack: 9-11. this was done as a deliberate act of revenge against the Americans on the anniversary of the attack on the World's Trade Center Towers. They NEEDED an attack to go through against the Americans for matters of Islamic Prestige. And Obama by his inactivity made himself a collaborator.

    I am not saying Obama should be executed outright on the basis of the reports, but I am definitely saying he needs to be relieved of duty, arrested, and tried for complicity in a grossly illegal and immoral act. My feeling is that the Commander in Chief needs to be publically stripped of his rank by the appropriate tribunal of ranking military officers and subjected to a courts martial trial for at least his incompetence and most probably his treason. I am not telling the court how it should vote. Nor am I doing this because I belong to one party or the other, I don't.

    But think about it a little while. NO other US president has ever done such a trecherous and deceitful thing as aiding terrorists mount a successful attack on the anniversary of an earlier terrorist attack. It is almost beyond comprehension. By your unthinking and gllib line you show that not only is anything Obama does al right for you and deserves no excuse or any investigation, you have a completely unreal evaluation of those other m en as "Traitors" simp[ly on the basis that you do not belong to their political party. This is grossly unfair.

    Had the president's name been Nixon and the event taken place in Vietnam, you would not be raising any objection: more than likely you would be celebrating.