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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Noel Neill And Queen Neola

Action comics #354 had a Supergirl story featuring an alien queen named "Neola", who appeared to be Noel Neill, tv's Lois Lane. The cover and the Superman story in the same issue had a character who appeared to be tv's "Captain Nice".








So the whole issue could be said to be related to programs that were being run on television at the time, which would have been familiar to the readers.
The comic book SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE was very popular at the time. Not only was the character of Lois Lane as depicted in these comics meant to be similar to the character played on television by Noel Neill, some issues even had little features about her. So it was clear at the time that DC comics did think of the comic character of Lois Lane as being related to Noel Neill's version. And if you go back to the pre-Noel Neill comics, the character as depicted at that time was already similar to the Noel Neill.
And here they had a character in one of their comic books that appears to represent not just Noel Neill's Lois Lane, but Noel Neill herself.
 Lola Lane And Lois Lane:
Noel Neill:


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