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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Torchy In "Beauty And The Robot"

Bill Ward's 'Torchy" stories originally appeared as fillers in DOLL MAN, but eventually she got her own title. This story was originally published in the first issue of TORCHY. The art is by Gill Fox. It seems that Bill Ward was not able to handle the assignment himself at the time.

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Actually Torchy looks kind of funny, but she resembles some of the other girls being drawn in comics at the time. She's kind of like Milt Caniff's version of Jane Mansfield.
They used to show robots carrying off girls on movie posters. This is a parody somebody did with Bettie Page.
The robot is actually from FORBIDDEN PLANET, which actually came out in 1956. FORBIDDEN PLANET had a poster that showed the robot carrying Ann Francis, which evidently started that trend. But they'd had robots carrying girls around before. This Torchy story was originally published in 1949.


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