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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What The Heck Tech

"What the heck Tech" was a sort of a joke I had about Tech high school when I was going there, that was what I called the place.


It shouldn't happen to a dog, but it happened to me. But even though I tend to regret that I ever went there, I also liked many of the other people there. And I was able to get some old pictures from my high school yearbook, which is online at the Indianapolis library site.
There I am in the middle row on the far right.
To the left is my friend Dennis Drew,
who had red hair.
I used to think of Drew as being like Archie ( whose last name is Andrews ) and I also used to think of Sylvia Terril as being like Lois Lane ( the way she was in the old comics ) only I don't have any pictures of Sylvia Terril.
There's me again, just to maintain a sort of a sense of balance to this thing,
it being my blog.
Then there are some pictures of pretty girls, since that's what I usually have on the blog anyway.
Cheryl Hale is fourth from the left on the top row and Fredye Hampton is thrid from the left on the next row.

Here's Cheryl Hale again in another picture from the yearbook.
And there's Fredye Hampton again
to maintain a sense of balance as I didn't have another picture of her. I could only find the one.
Hiromi Goya is someone I photographed myself after graduating from school,
but the picture was underexposed and so it wasn't any good. Which is too bad, she was a really pretty girl.
Hiromi is third from the left in the front row in this picture,
with Cheryl Hale the second from the left.
Linda Gasky was another really pretty girl,

which helps to brighten up the blog somewhat in spite of it's association with Tech high school.
Sandy Harp had a brother named William,

but I don't have a picture of him.
Third and fourth from the left in the middle row are Cecilia and Cynthia Carter,

who were also very pretty girls as well as identical twins. Second from the left on the last row is Mike Chapman, but I don't know who the other people are. Tech was a very big school with thousands of students and I didn't know them all.
Top center is Barbara McNeely,
who wanted to sell me a yearbook. I graduated in the middle of the last year and wasn't around when they finally came out.
Second from left in the middle row we have another picture of her.

Third from the left in the front is Paula Malloy 
and here she is in a close up.

Linda Mills and Becky Grigsby are in this picture
  I had known them before high school, but don't remember them so much in high school. But I also remember Becky from after graduation.

And then we have some cheerleaders.

I remember that Cheryl Hale was a cheerleader, but that might have been a different period, she's not shown on this page.
And here we have some football players.

John Kitcoff is third from the left in the front row, I can remember him all the way back to second grade. I think.

                                        And there we have him again in another picture.

Tim Kavanaugh
was someone I had known in grade school, like John Kitcoff.
Dennis Murray at left on top row.
I was unable to get a good picture of him.
Cousin Joe at bottom right.

I was unable to get a good copy and put in the caption separately.

I don't remember seeing him at Tech, but like I said it was a very big school.
Cousin Joe in front row, second from left.
Some science teachers.

Mrs. McBride, an english teacher.

Mrs. Goodrum, another English teacher.
Miss Marthin was a Social Studies teacher
I thought she was pretty.
Mr. Dudkowsky.

They called him "Dud", but I had a teacher I called that before I was in high school.
The cover of the yearbook.
There is more to reality than what this yearbook shows.
I can remember people from high school whose pictures I didn't see there, some pretty girls like Kelly Cole, Cheri Dunn, Terri Huffman, and Terry Markle, who I was told later married a man named "Terry" and ended up with the name "Terry Terry". 
Which is some consolation.
Indianpolis Library Digital Collection:



  1. I remember Mike Chapman and Hiromi Goya. Mike Chapman was by best friend and Hiromi Goya was my first girlfriend when I lived in Indy (Hamilton St.).

  2. I knew those two in junior high school and then high school, but I haven't seen either of them in years.

  3. Hiromi taught me how to sing "I've Been Working On The Railroad" in Japanese and I only remember how to say one phrase ( .. all the live long day..) LOL. Hiromi's mother would send my mother a formal invitation to come over and play with Hiromi when we were in 3rd grade. We went to school #22 (off English Ave). In high school, my brother and I had a band we'd formed and wanted to include a string section. Our senior year (sometime in early 1977) we went to visit Michael Chapman (he lived on Randolph St.) to visit and because he played violin and possibly had other people in mind who would be interested. We settled for a horn section instead but it was good to see Mike again after all those years. Great memories!!!