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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Poison Ivy And Bettie Page

One of the sources of inspiration for the character of Poison Ivy was Nathaniel Hawthorne's story RAPPACCINI'S DAUGHTER.

But the look of Poison Ivy was modeled after Bettie Page, a popular pin-up girl of the 1950's.
 The most obvious resemblance that Poison Ivy would have had to Bettie Page would be the bangs,
 but Bettie Page frequently posed in skimpy costumes, some of which might be vaguely similar to what Poison Ivy wore in the comics.
Here we see Bettie Page dressed as a jungle girl.
Bettie Page would have been retired at the time that Robert Kanigher came up with the character of Poison Ivy, but she was still popular amoung collectors at the time.
Bettie Page on a magazine cover.

Bettie Page didn't appear in the regular variety of movies that were made in Hollywood, but she was in some movies that were made by Irving Klaw.
Here is a poster for one of them, TEASERAMA.

 Bettie Page has been drawn as a character in comic books, notably in THE ROCKETEER, where her character was called "Bettie".
 THE ROCKETEER himself was based on a character that originally appeared in Republic serials in the 1950's.
Occasionally you see where Bettie Page herself is drawn as "The Rocketeer".


Not only have a number of comic book characters been modeled after Bettie Page, but Bettie Page herself appeared in comic strip-styled photo features in magazines.

Robert Kanigher:

Bettie Page:

Dave Stevens:


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