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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Talking Tigers With Captain Marvel And Nyoka

The tale of two talking tigers, both talking.

The first one was in a Nyoka story published in MASTER COMICS #71, August 1946.






The Nyoka story explains away the tiger's seeming ability to talk at the end. But afterwards the same publisher had a tiger that could really talk in a different comic book.

In "Captain Marvel and the Talking Tiger," from CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #79 (December 1947) Captain Marvel readers met Mr. Tawny, a talking tiger who grows tired of the jungle and stows away on a boat to America to see what civilization is like.

Mr. Tawny continued to appear in Captain Marvel comics throughout the original run of the series, and was later revived along with Captain Marvel by DC Comics in the seventies.

There was even a Mr. Tawny comic strip by the makers of the comic book, although in the end this went unpublished.

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But of course there had been another famous talking tiger before they had the ones in either Nyoka or Captain Marvel adventures.

That one just wasn't in a comic book.

Hungry Tiger Of Oz:

Mr. Tawny:


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