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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Mopsy was a comic strip created by Gladys Parker in 1939. It had a long run over three decades. Parker modeled the character of Mopsy after herself. In 1946, she recalled, "I got the idea for Mopsy when the cartoonist Rube Goldberg said my hair looked like a mop. That was several years ago, and she has been my main interest ever since."[

Here is a Mopsy comic book from St. John.
























The little figures around the margin of this page are characters from the comics St. John published.  

Lou Costello is at top left, Abbott and Costello are both at bottom left.  The blonde little girl at top left and at bottom right is "Little Eva". Mopsy is at the right, slightly below the top of the page.

 Little Eva is close to the top at left, Lou Costello is a little further down on the left, Abbott and Costello are at top right, Mopsy is a little further down on the right, Little Eva is further down at right.







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