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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Another comic book from St. John, by the same guys that did WHACK, Norman Maurer and Joe Kubert. Norman Maurer married Moe Howard's daughter and was involved in the production of some of the Three Stooges' later movies.

Shemp Howard was the "third Stooge" at the time this comic book was published. He had been the third Stooge originally, but he was replaced by Curly early on, later replacing Curly in turn in the film series. Most of the Three Stooges comedies I've seen on television were the ones with Shemp. I don't understand why we are being told today that Curly is the third Stooge that everyone remembers.



















The girl looks like Bettie Page. 




This comic book would have come out a little before the 3-D issue of WHACK!, since it's advertising the 3-D Mighty Mouse comic, which was the first 3-D issue they did. And evidently the only one they did that made money.


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