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Friday, August 22, 2014

LONG SAM - Al Capp And Bob Lubbers

And while I was getting CONNIE, I also saw some LONG SAM comics. This was another Al Capp comic strip and was similar to LI'L ABNER, except that the protagonist was a girl who had been raised away from men. About the same mother character was in both strips.

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There was some discussion on the Stripper's Guide about the possibility that Frank Frazetta had assisted on this strip without credit. Frank Frazetta was working on LI'L ABNER in this period and could have been working on LONG SAM as well. I don't think the girl in this strip looks like a Frazetta girl, or at least not in the body and legs, although he could have drawn the face or done some of the other characters in the strip.


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