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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Superkatt - GIGGLE COMICS #22

This was the next Superkatt story I could find at "Comic Book Plus". It has the usual cartoonish violence of the other katt tale, but the involvement of the stereotypical black maid in slapstick violence could be a problem.









I'm familiar with the old artwork which depicted black people in a way which would not be considered acceptable today. I'm familiar with modern criticisms of this art. To me, depictions of these characters as being mistreated are more of a problem.That was one of my complaints about Will Eisner, whose "hero" the Spirit would beat up on his black servant as well as his girlfriend. But I also just read a history of Superkatt  by one more knowledgeable than I, who felt that the way the maid character was depicted in these stories wasn't all bad.

Superkatt: His story:


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