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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Dirinda" - SWEET SIXTEEN #6

Here is another story by Vic Herman, the creator of WINNIE THE WAC. The girls in this story all look like "Winnie", too.  Originally published in 1948.

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Vic Herman created a number of famous characters during the course of his career. Here is a little about him from a WINNIE THE WAC listing: 

Herman created the characters Winnie the Wac, Elsie the Cow, Reddy Kilowatt, 7-UP Sam, Lernda Lesson, Roscoe, Al Vann, Keg and Case, Sad Shad, Mike Master, Two Dollar Joe, Will Selmore, Hy Proof, Mr Magic Motion Mojud Man, The Phillips 66 man, Bert Brew. Comic book characters include Little Dot, Winnie the Waitress, Midge, Dusty Dawn, Polly Pigtails, Kid Science, Dirinda, Tizzie, Twinkle, and Hector, Teenage Detective. Advertising campaigns include 7-up, Pepsi Cola, Borden's, Reddy Kilowatt Public service annoucements, Phillips 66 gasoline, Tip Top Bread, General Food Post Cereals, Schick, Allied Van Lines, Schaefer Beer, Cosco, Gotham Stockings, Falstaff Brewing Co., Pabst and Blatz Beer, Pfizer Drugs, Lipton Soup, Hiram Walker,  N.Y. Central Railroad, Nucoa margarine, Noxema, Vitalis, Waterman's Pens, Horton's Ice Cream, Shell Oil, Mojud stockings, American Bicycle, New York Telephone, Drakes Cakes, Kellogs Pep, Shinola, Metal textile Co., Oralon toothpaste, Wellwood glue, Graybar Appliances, M.J. Saks shoes, Jayson Sportswear, J.M. Mathes coffee, Snowcrop Frozen foods, Norco Chemicals, Sitroux tissues, Wissco clothes. He also contributed to numerous Public Service and Public Safetey campaigns. During WWII, the US Army assigned him cartoons for the "Don't spread rumors" campaign. 


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