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Monday, November 4, 2013

MARVEL MYSTERY #91 - "Death Waits A Million Years"

Captain America and Golden Girl battle a dinosaur in a story that was originally published in MARVEL MYSTERY #91.

There is a coloring error in the first panel - Golden Girl's headpiece is yellow, the same as her hair. In the rest of the story it's colored blue.

 Another mistake in coloring on this page - Golden Girl's legs are red in panel 2, while they appear to be flesh-colored in the rest of the story. I imagine she was actually supposed to be wearing stockings.

Golden Girl is no longer depicted as wearing a mask, although here she is addressed as "Golden Girl" instead of her real name. Frequently in these stories she was just called "Betsy" regardless, which was also the way it had been with the previous sidekick, "Bucky".










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