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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Son Of The Dreamer

WORLD'S FINEST #160 has a story about an astrologer supervillian called "Doctor Zodiac".


Doctor Zodiac uses astrology in his crimes, and works with a blonde assistant.

The blonde disguises herself as a teenage girl in order to get Superman's date of birth out of Jimmy Olsen, in order that the astrologer can make a horoscope for Superman.

The girl's "teenage" hairdo reminded me of the hairdo
that Stella Stevens' had in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR.

About the same villians had previously been used on an episode of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, "The Man Who Made Dreams Come True". The blonde assistant is at center left and crooked astrologer is at right.  Lois Lane ( Noel Neill ) is at left and the old guy at center right is a king the crooked astrologer is trying to swindle.

You can watch this episode on youtube.



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