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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blackstone - SUPER MAGICIAN #8

Blackstone - a real life magician whose fictional comic book adventures we have seen before on this blog - was the "Super Magician" of this title, which was published by Street and Smith, and has a cover date of December 1945.

When I found this on the internet, I thought it was the same issue that the Abbott and Costello story was in, but it isn't - that was a number 8 of a different series, in 1942. But it is the same title.































The Bell P 59 Airacomet was America's first production jet fighter, but it did not see service in the war. It's performance was no greater than propeller fighters of the time. Pilots trained in this plane went on to fly more advanced types in the postwar era.



  1. Hi Benny,
    Funny, somehow I always thought the Rhoda character was based on a real person.

  2. It said in a Walter Gibson book that Rhoda was based on a girl who was associated with Blackstone, presumably his assistant in the magic show.