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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Choo Choo And Cherry - MILLITARY COMICS

MILLITARY COMICS was where Torchy began, and Gill Fox was one of the artists to draw Torchy. Choo Choo is also by Gill Fox, is similar to Torchy, and has a brunette friend like Torchy. A lot of this stuff tends to be similar, and some of it is even more similar than you might think at first glance. As we shall see here. Originally published in 1945.

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"Stagwood" is otherwise known as Dagwood, and he's married to Blondie. Although in their own comics their two kids were a boy and a girl.




St. John was another comic book publisher, which may or may not be why the name was used here. This comic book was published by Quality.

Gill Fox:


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