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Saturday, August 8, 2015

"The Power Of Iron Man" - TALES TO ASTONISH #82

This one has Stan Lee's name on it ( or at least his first name ), he had his name all over everything in this period. Everyone is credited by their first name in this one. "Roy" is Roy Thomas. "Gene" is Gene Colan. "King Kirby" is Jack Kirby. "Dick" is Dick Ayers. But I don't know who "Arthur" is, either.

From the Jack Kirby Fan Group on facebook. Originally published in TALES TO ASTONISH # 82













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  1. This is great! One of my favorite Kirby shorts--unbelievable action throughout. I think the "Arthur" in the credits would be Artie Simek, the great Marvel letterer...?

    Thanks for sharing this!