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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doc Savage Meets The Oomph Girl Of The Movies

 In the Doc Savage adventure THE HEADLESS MEN, Monk calls a redhead named Lynda Ladore "The Oomph Girl of the movies". That would make her Ann Sheridan, who was termed "The Oomph Girl" at the time. The name "Lynda" means "pretty" in Spanish, while in French "L'dore"
would mean "the love".

Reblogged from http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1159016.Devils_of_the_Deep_The_Headless_Men

The Headless MenA mad scientist has invented a way to decapitate people and let them live as his headless slaves. The Man of Bronze and his crew pursue this deadly genius to Central America, where they are all trapped and captured. Only Doc Savage can prevent the headless horde from taking over the world — but he is strapped to a sacrificial altar and is scheduled to lose his head at midnight!
Authored by Alan Hathway.

                                                    *                           *                          *

During the course of this story Monk and Ham disguise themselves as "headless men" by making it look as if they don't have any heads. During this period they are unable to speak to each other and must resort to mental telepathy in order to continue their usual bickering over things like apes and pigs. A most unusual ability that they probably never used again afterward.



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