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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moon Maid Contest, Part II

More on the Moon Maid contest.

Actually the final outcome of the contest doesn't seem to be known for certain at this point. But-

I found a little more about the Moon Maid contest they had in connection with the Dick Tracy comic strip at  http://www.libraryofamericancomics.com/blog/2013-05/  . It seems that was the last major promotion they had for the strip, in 1964. Moon Maid had actually been introduced in the later part of 1963 and was an immediate sensation, although later commentaries frequently claim that the comics are not well thought of today. Something which I think they keep repeating as much as anything because that's the way they want it to be.

The introduction of Moon Maid in Dick Tracy comics.


One of the contestants dressed as Moon Maid.
               The girl at the left in this photo appears to be the same girl as in the above picture.
This also appears to be the same girl.

A contest announcement.
Any movie or television roles the winner might have gotten after the contest don't seem to be known for certain at this point, either. Some movie stars did become famous after winning beauty contests.

The same site makes a reference to plans to reprint the Dick Tracy comics from this period in the future, which would make it easier for readers to decide for themselves whether they like them or not.

Moon Maid Contest ( Library Of American Comics Site):

Moon Maid Contest ( Google News ):


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