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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Smoky Stover's Fabulous Foomobile For Real

A real life version of Smokey Stover's two-wheeled "foomobile" was eventually built. How could they make this seemingly impossible vehicle work? What was it's secret?

Here we see Smokey Stover in his distinctive two-wheeled fire engine, or whatever it is.
 It has been called a "Foo Fighter", a name which was used on this big little book.
Real life pilots in World War II claimed to have sighted mysterious "foo fighters" thought at the time to be some sort of experimental aircraft used by the Germans. Here we see the Smokey Stover version on an American B-17.
A B-29 with Smokey Stover nose art.
Eventually, a real life version was built of Smokey Stover's unique vehicle. 

This article tells all about the "foomobile". 

 Except how it works.
The secret of how this "Foomobile" operated was revealed in another article.
In addition to the "foo" business, Smoky Stover stories featured a cat named "Spooky" and had repeated references to "1506 Nix Nix" and "Notary Sojac".
 Which are shown here-
and there.

Foo Fighters:

Smokey Stover:


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