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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tarzan, Superman, And Renfrew Of The Mounted Meet

During the course of the second World War, the creators of Tarzan, Superman, and Renfrew of the Mounted were all involved in the war effort and they all came together in the Pacific theater.

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An August 27, 1944 Party at Louise's
Ed meets Jerry Siegel (Superman),
Laurie Erskine (Renfrew of the Mounted),
John Duke and Sam Blumenfeld (Midpacifican Staff Writers),
Sgt. Jimmy Moonie (Midpacifican Photographer)

Laurie Y. Erskine
With sketch of Renfrew of the Mounted.
Jerry Siegel
With sketch of Superman.
Sam Blumenfield
Midpacifican ( newspaper the article was in ) staff writer.
Photographer Jim Mooney
This may be the Jim Mooney that worked for DC comics.

Actually the Tarzan books and movies did have him involved in World War II to some extent, something that was related to the real life war that was going on in north Africa. Superman was supposed to have been classified as 4-F by the draft to explain why he wasn't in the war, which he would have quickly ended as he did in fact in a strip done for LOOK magazine. But that angle was ignored in the animated cartoons and radio programs of the time, where Superman was engaged in fighting the enemies of the nation.

How Superman Would End The War ( LOOK Magazine, Feb. 27, 1940 ):


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