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Monday, June 9, 2014

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells, from facebook:

Since you have asked, here is the wedding dress story.
The Gilligan’s Island Special where Mary Ann got married, since I always helped with my costume design,
I chose to shop for Mary Ann’s wedding dress. My oldest friend Marsha and I went shopping at the Broadway Department Store to try on wedding dresses. It had to be sweet and very Mary Ann-ish. I found the perfect dress. There was a scene... on the wagon and I had a stunt double that needed to match. So when I ordered the dress, I told the saleswoman I wanted two dresses. She asked why? ... I said with a straight face, "I liked the dress so much I wanted two in case the first marriage did not work."
She had no idea I was Mary Ann and I am sure she is still telling the story of how a bride to be wanted two dresses just in case.
I still chuckle about that. I wonder where that dress is now, just in case?


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