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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wonderman By Bob Oskner

This is not your father's Wonderman. Or Eisner's, either.

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This Wonderman is not supposed to be the same character as the "Wonder Man" of Victor Fox, the one that DC comics sued over. They just used the name again with a slight change.

Actually this story looks almost like another Captain Kirk and Devil story, except that Wonderman doesn't actually use a spaceship, and fights with the devil instead of saying he's his friend. A lot of this stuff tends to be similar.

"Lilith" is another character from mythology, sometimes said to be associated with the Devil. The two are frequently associated in fantasy stories, usually working together against the forces of good.

Wonderman Brad Spencer:

Wonderman History ( Different Characters Called Wonderman ):

Wonderman Plaigerism Suit:


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