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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Incredible Hulk And Betty Ross

According to Marvel Comics, the Betty Ross of the old Captain America comics and the Betty Ross of the Incredible Hulk comics are not supposed to be the same character, even though they have the same name

 But they are.

The first issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA introduced the hero and his supporting cast, which included Bucky Barnes and Betty Ross, also called "Betsy Ross" in some stories.

Creators Simon and Kirby were fired by Marvel Comics after the tenth issue and went on to work on a variety of other comics at different companies. For a time they were publishers themselves.

 When Simon and Kirby did their version of "The Shield" for the Archie Comics Group, it was almost as if they'd gone back to working on Captain America again. Among other similarities, they still seemed to have about the same girl character in the story. Originally the girl had been called "Betty Ross". Here, the girl was called "Georgia Smith".
 Georgia Smith's uncle is a Colonel in the army and the commanding officer of Private Strong, who is secretly the Shield.

 Much as in the Captain America stories, nobody suspects that private Strong is secretly The Shield.
 He fools them completely

 by pretending to be a dunce.


Actually the uncle and niece here are about the same characters as General Thunderbolt Ross and his daughter in the later Incredible Hulk comics.
The daughter is named Betty Ross, same as the girl in the old Captain America comics. 
 General Thunderbolt Ross has a higher rank than"Colonel Smith", but is otherwise similar.
 The secret base he has in some of the comics is also similar to the secret base in Simon and Kirby version of the Shield.

Kirby would frequently continue to use elements from earlier stories in his later work. But there are those who tend to downplay his involvement in the creative process that produced these comics, even though these elements are still there for anyone to see today.  

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