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Friday, October 4, 2013

Family Album

Here are some pictures of my family. I don't have actual copies of all of them, some of them are pictures my relatives put on the internet. I had these pictures in a yahoo group until recently, I decided to get them back out while I had the chance and put them on this blog.

Grandma Charlotte Huston

Grandma and my mother, whose maiden name was Ruth Huston.

 My father's name was Amos Drinnon, here he is with a couple of his sisters.

The man on the right was one of his brothers, someone scribbled on that part of the picture.

Here I am in high school.

With the Keystone Kops in the movie EIGHT MEN OUT.

Here I am in the background between my aunt Rosie and my brother Dale.

My sister Linda is in front of aunt Rosie and aunt Nancy is in front of her. My sister Dinah is in front of Lind and her kids are in the foreground. Next to Dinah is Brian Lee, in front of Dinah is Angela, next one is Melissa, and in the foreground is Kenny.

Here I am with my brother Dale.

A more recent picture of Dale.

My sister Dinah with her husband Brian Gross and two of their kids, Kenny and Rachael.

Kenny as a boy

Dinah's daughter Heather and son Kenny.

Aunt Martha, Juncle Jimmy, Uncle Jimmy's kids Joy and Mark, ( ? ) and cousin Billy.

Cousin Carol, Uncle Jimmy's daughter, who became famous on television.

Cousin Carol

Uncle Vic Des Lauriers and Billy.

Uncle Vic and Aunt Martha.

Cousin Vicki, her husband Joe Devine, cousin Billy, aunt Martha, Uncle Vic.

Wedding of Joe and Vickie. Cousin Billy in the foreground, I think that's cousin Joe at the left and Paul at second from right.  

 More recent picture of Joe and Vickie Devine.

Cousin Brad, cousin Nick, Uncle Ernie ( used to be married to aunt Nancy ).

Cousin Debby

Cousin Debby and daughter

 Cousins Debby and Scotty

Cousin Debby and a puppy.

Jimmy Martin and Christina Martin, his daughter and my niece.

Christina and my sister Linda, her mother.


My nieces Misty and Christina with my sister Linda.

Misty with Ian Ziering 

Christina and her husband Michael.

 Linda's son Mike, his wife Stephanie, and their son Logan.



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