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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Superman With A Gun

Chip Kidd's SHAZAM states that unlike Captain Marvel, "Superman never used a gun". I already did a blog on that, but the other day I happened to think of that again and did another search, which turned up some more pictures.

Superman used a gun in SUPERMAN #8.



Superman didn't actually shoot the guy, but he still used a gun, and in the period when Captain Marvel comics were originally being published. The picture I had before was from something more recent.

And here's Superboy with a gun. I haven't read the story, but I understand that everybody survived.

The animated Lois Lane fought off the bad guys with a tommy gun in 1941's BILLION DOLLAR LIMITED.

Lois Lane would also shoot off a tommy gun on the 1950's tv show, although in that case it was merely to get rid of the bullets.
And here's Lois Lane with a gun again.

This was in a story in SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE #28,

and like all such stories, it had a reasonable explanation, where they get out of saying that Lois Lane had really been Luthor's gun moll.
Of course, that's a 1960's comic book.

Getting back to the "Golden Age", we find that Batman not only used a gun, but sometimes used it to kill his foes.

                                                         DETECTIVE COMICS #32

Something that Captain Marvel never did, unless you count the serial version.

SHAZAM! by Chip Kidd:


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