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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yahoo Groups Home Page Pictures

Yahoo has ruined all their groups, and one of the things that they did was to get rid of all the home page pictures. But here are copies of some of the home page pictures that I still have.

This is a composite that Dale did.
Another composite that Dale did for "The Golden Age Of Comedy" group. 

Another composite done by Dale, for June Kenney
The black and white drawing on the left was something he found on the internet.

This one was something I found on the internet and then Dale put in the picture of a girl pirate.

Another composite that Dale did.

Dale found this one and made the frame around the face into a little house.

Dale also did another version, which wasn't used.

This was one that I altered after finding the original picture on the internet.

The rest of these were pictures that we used in their original form.


Thelma Todd 
Carole Landis
Marie Wilson
Noel Neill
The Bowery Boys
 "Star" Spelled Backwards Is "Rats" Trek!
 Science Fiction
Captain America


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