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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


MOLLY O'DAY is similar to Sally The Sleuth, although the girl on the cover resembles Mary Astor. This seems to have been the first comic book published by Avon. Originally published February 1945.














The funny man here is Joe Penner: he had an act where he kept saying "Wanna buy a duck?"

This is actually a reprint from Cocomalt's THE BIG BOOK OF COMICS #1, which was published in 1938. Joe Penner had died in 1941, so he was no longer around when MOLLY O'DAY was published.

Molly O'Day was also the name of a silent movie actress.

She was one of the ones whose career suffered because the studio claimed that she was too "fat" and had to lose weight, they said that to Clara Bow, too. Marie Prevost would die of starvation after being told that she was too fat for film roles.

Actress Molly O'Day:

Joe Penner:


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