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Friday, February 21, 2014

"You'll Sleep As If You Were Dead" - ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN #140

We've already had one story where American Comics Group editor Richard Hughes appears as one of the characters, "The Devil's Typewriter", from FORBIDDEN WORLDS #6. Here is another such story, from ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN #140.

Actually this story has Richard Hughes as two characters, since "Shane O'Shea" was actually one of his pen names.






The blonde girl in this story appears similar to the blonde girl in the other story with Hughes as a character, although I don't know if the girl was intended to be anyone in particular. It could be that the character was just meant to look like a pretty comic book girl in both cases.

The letter mentioned in the story that was sent in by two girls was printed in the letters section of the same magazine. It's on the first page of this section, but I'll throw in the second page as a bonus.


Richard Hughes:

The Devil's Typewriter:


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