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Monday, February 17, 2014

Moronica - THE KILROYS #8

Moronica was originally drawn by Milt Gross, who had previously been drawing "Count Screwloose" for THE KILROYS. Count Screwloose at one time had been a newspaper comic strip, and Milt Gross had been one of the most famous cartoonists of his day. He did a little work for these comic books after his retirement from newspaper comics.

THE KILROYS #8 was originally published in May 1948.





The cans say "dog food", but it's a little hard to read. 




I don't think the business with the pruning shears on the last page was funny, but there was a lot of what was supposed to be humorous violence in these comics, so I guess I can see how it was intended to be funny at the time.


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