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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blackhawk And Torchy From Modern Comics 101

Blackhawk and Torchy stories were both originally published in MODERN COMICS. Here are their adventures from issue #101 in 1950.

Blackhawk's origins went back to the second World War and he originally fought the Nazis. After the war somebody else had to be the bad guy. Not infrequently the bad guy was a brunette villainess of the type Carole Forman used to play in the serials. Carole Forman played the villainess in the Blackhawk serial, of course.

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Bill Ward originally drew Torchy, but when he had other comittments, Gil Fox drew the character. This story is by Gil Fox.
In this period, Torchy was given about the same supporting cast as MY FRIEND IRMA had on the radio program, except that the boyfriend who didn't seem to be much good for anything was the other girl's boyfriend. MY FRIEND IRMA was also a comic book in this period.




"Chicken" was what Al called Irma on the radio program MY FRIEND IRMA.




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