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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


MY FRIEND IRMA was originally a radio show, but there was also a comic book version. "Atlas" was one of the different names used by Marvel comics over the years. This particular comic book was published in November 1951. Dan DeCarlo was the artist on this series. He would later draw JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, ARCHIE, and numerous other popular favorites.

The inset shows a small picture of Marie Wilson, who played the character on the radio and later movies and television.

Irma lives with her roommate Jane and has a boyfriend named "Al" who calls her "Chicken". Torchy had very similar companions in her comics.


 In 1951, the Empire State Building was still the tallest building in the world. Television was still fairly new at the time, which is why there's a reference to people trading back their televisions for radios.


 Winning all the prizes was something that they had on the original radio program, which was also something they put in the movie version.


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