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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lois Lane Story From SUPERMAN #29

Lois Lane was a terrific character. She livened the goings-on considerably with her continual snooping, attempts to prove that Clark Kent was really Superman, and imaginations of what life would be like if she were married to Superman.

I would say that much of the success of the Superman comics are due to Lois Lane. There really was no comparable character in Captain Marvel stories, and as a result, those stories do not hold a great deal of interest to me.

This was originally published as a back-up story in SUPERMAN #29.

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"Casey the Cop" was one of the fillers in the comic book.  "Fingers" Gordon sounds like he could have been named after real-life gangster "Waxy" Gordon.



The guy with the bow tie resembles Jimmy Olsen as depicted in the comic books around the time that they had the television program with George Reeves, but the Jimmy Olsen in the old comics was only a boy and didn't wear a bow tie.

And here we have the cover of this issue, where Lois Lane is again important.


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