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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The New Lone Ranger Movie

I do not reccomend the new Lone Ranger movie.

I think I should say that this is not a faithful adaptation and that
there is some sort of pretense here that they had to make amends for the
character of Tonto as depicted on the old Lone Ranger show.

On that program, Tonto was very important even though he was not the primary
character. Tonto saved the Lone Ranger's life when he was dying after being
ambushed by outlaws and then made some useful suggestions which the Lone Ranger
was able to use when he went in pursuit of the villians. In many later
adventures, Tonto would go in to town to scout things out in advance. There is
no reason to say that Tonto was stupid or that he wasn't depicted favorably.

If someone wants to make further use to the characters of the Lone Ranger and
Tonto, they would do well to recognize the success of previous versions rather
than to stick with the failures of the last movie. - Benny Drinnon, who once
appeared on television with Clayton Moore

Doesn't he look stupid?
Is this really an improvement over the Jay Silverheels version?
From what I've been hearing it doesn't seem that anybody else likes the new version much, either.  

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